Mahindra First Choice Services

MFC promises to provide the end consumers with spare parts that are high in quality but still affordable than the OEM parts. It would empower the customers to choose a Smart Replacement without having to settle for either the expensive OEM parts or the spurious local spares while replacing their car parts.

  • Oil Filter - MFCServices

    Oil Filter

    MFC Oil Filters Provides excellent filtering efficiency. Oil filter cleans the oil as it passes through the filter and prevents abrasive contaminants from damaging the parts in the engine. Avoid seizing of the engine, enhancing life of engine.

  • Air Filter - MFCServices

    Air Filter

    MFC Air Filters Provides excellent filtering efficiency. Keeps the engine clean and free of debris so that the engine can function optimally. Provide Better mileage efficiency. Boosts Engine Horsepower. Consists of Multi Fibre High Density Filter Media for efficient filtration.

  • Fuel Filter - MFCServices

    Fuel Filter

    MFC Fuel Filters Provides excellent filtering efficiency. Easy To Install & have longer filter life. Designed to remove all the contaminants from fuel.

  • Relays - MFCServices


    A relay may also be called an “electromagnetic switch�, using “low amperage circuit� to control a “high amperage circuit�.

    MFC Relays provides high performance. Protect wiring function. Designed for suitable working Conditions. Suitable for High Amperage.

  • Wiper Blade - MFCServices

    Wiper Blades

    MFC wiper blades come with New type of adapters providing total solution of fitting of wiper blades to wide range of cars. Ideal for removal of rain and debris from a windscreen or windshield.

    MFC wiper blades come with more pressure points , advanced aerodynamic design & use 100% natural rubber. Comes with Graphite coating ensuring higher life of rubber and superior lubricating property on the windshield surface.

  • Suspension and Steering - MFCServices

    Suspension& Steering Product

    MFC suspension products come with high dimensional accuracy, excellent strength & optimum durability.

    Maximum accuracy to sustain Extensive load,

    Serve longer even in rough running conditions.

  • Coolant - MFCServices


    Transfer heat effectively protecting your car from any damage and improve the performance

    MFC Antifreeze coolant has excellent corrosion prevention which protects against corrosion.

    Is compatible with hard water

    MFC coolant have high boiling temperature with low foaming tendency which gives superior performance compared with any other ordinary coolants

  • Brake Pads - MFCServices

    Brake pads

    MFC Brake pads come with Excellent Stopping Power- which helps in getting a fixed stopping distance. Excellent Performance under severe weather conditions.

    Also they are Environment Friendly & Asbestos Free, so that we dour bit to go green.

    Certified by ECE R90 (European Certifying Body).

    Having High Thermal stability along with high shear value under extreme operating conditions.

  • Bush Kits and Mountings - MFCServices

    Bush Kits & Engine Mounting

    MFC bush kits & mountings have excellent performance under running conditions.

    Designed to suit OE specifications.

    Products are phosphate treated with effective anti-corrosion properties.

    Have long lasting life.